West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

West Godavari District was formed with Eluru as its Headquarters and all the District Offices and Regional Offices were setup in Eluru Town.

West Godavari District, as its name indicates, is a part of the Godavari Delta in Andhra Pradesh. It is surrounded by Khammam District on the north, Krishna District and the Bay of Bengal on the south and on the east by river Godavari and Krishna District on the West. The District occupies an area of 7742 sq.km. with density of population of 454 per sq.km.

The district is in the delta region of the Krishna and Godavari rivers. Khammam District lies to the north, East Godavari District to the east, the Bay of Bengal to the south, and Krishna District to the west.

West Godavari District has a richly cultivated land, divided into Delta and uplands. In Delta, coconut, lemon, rice farming and aquaculture is practiced.

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